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the atomic zone

The Atomic Zone was a semester-long project done at the ETC during the fall semester of 2012. Project website here. (Opens in a new window.)

The client, the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), a branch of the Department of Defense, requested that our team create an "interactive, explorable recreation of post-nuclear Hiroshima." This interactive environment would serve as a prototype for a future project, which would focus on medical training; our project goal was to prove that an aesthetically pleasing, fairly accurate and educational 3D environment closely resembling Hiroshima shortly after the bomb fell could be created. The interactive environment can be found here. (Opens in a new window, requires Unity plugin.) The interactive experience and a paper on the project were presented at the CGAMES conference in August, 2013.

As 2D artist, I was responsible for all texture and UI work, as well as all promotional materials.


Other Team Members:
Nicholas Sciannameo - Producer
Rodrigo Cano - Programmer
Noreen Durkin - 3D Artist
Eric Hamel - Composer, Sound Designer
Jason Hsu - Programmer


Work samples:

map overlay
(click for a larger version, opens in new window)

basic model turnaround

turnaround reference sheetturnaround reference sheet